How To Eliminate Large Pores

Large pores are tough to eliminate.

You have to be careful in choosing what products or treatments to get so as not to make matters worse. So let’s start with the basics.

Pick the right cleanser. Large pores are often the result of oily skin, sun damage and genetics. Opt for an exfoliant cleanser to wash away the outer layer of dead skin cells, leaving you with smoother skin.

Use Retinoids. These are not only excellent for reducing the appearance of large pores, but they also smooth fine lines and wrinkles!

Get the right moisturizer. Oily skin needs moisturizing too! Balance your skin with an oil-free moisturizer to increase hydration in the skin.

And finally, talk to us about our highly effective treatments that diminish the appearance of large pores, increase collagen production and give you a reason to smile every time you look in the mirror.

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Dealing With Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is the hardest to maintain.

Medical conditions like lupus, rosacea, eczema and more can cause skin to be extremely sensitive. The skin becomes easily irritated, gets redness and lumps.

Furthermore, sensitive skin can also be oily. This makes it difficult to reduce oil, and acne without causing irritation.

But the good news is, it can be done!

If your sensitive skin is causing you problems, come in for a professional skin diagnosis. One of our highly trained aestheticians will gently and thoroughly examine your skin.

She will talk to you about your everyday routine, the challenges you have had to deal with, and take a look at what’s going on beneath the surface. Along with her professional expertise. she will give you a clearer picture of your skin’s true condition.

From there, your aesthetician can make product and treatment recommendations to help decrease sensitivity.

Having sensitive skin can bring a lot of heartache and expense. The best way to start dealing with it is by getting a professional skin analysis.

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How To Keep Ahead Of The Winter Blues (Yes, Cold Weather Is Coming!)

How To Keep Ahead Of The Winter Blues (Yes, Cold Weather Is Coming!)

How To Keep Ahead Of The Winter Blues
(Yes, Cold Weather Is Coming!)

As autumn gradually makes its way into the colder days of winter, we pull on thicker socks and grab our favourite boots. Love it or hate it, winter is on its way!

So what can you do to prepare for the chilly days ahead? Put self-care at the top of your list!

1. Increase your vitamin D. Sunlight levels are less in the winter, but get as much of it as you can and increase your vitamin D. It helps to increase energy levels.

2. Change up your skincare products. Skin needs richer, more nourishing products to protect it from colder temperatures. We can help you there.

3. Buy fresh flowers! The vibrant colours of a Spring bouquet add freshness and cheer to any room.

4. Review your make-up colours. What about a new look? We’ll match winter shades with easy, make-up techniques that are perfect for you.

5. Wear bright colours. It’s hard to feel down with vibrant splashes of colour. And it’s fun!

6. Keep getting pedicures. Regular pedicures boost your immunity and make you feel happier.

7. Exercise. Yes, indeed. Get that blood and serotonin pumping! It’s a sure cure for the winter blues.

8. Get a manicure. A splash of bright polish on hardworking hands is an instant pick-me-up. Manicures also give your hands a moisture boost while relaxing you at the same time.

9. Watch your cravings. When serotonin levels are low, your body craves carbohydrates, especially high sugar foods like junk food and soda. Go for protein instead.

10. Get a spray tan. Keep that sun kissed look all through winter. It will keep you smiling all season long!

Sail through the upcoming cold season. Take care of yourself and let us be your partner in keeping you healthy and happy!

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4 Fake Skin Super Powers And How To Get Rid Of Them

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and boy, does it take a lot of abuse! For some reason, people give their skin super powers, believing it can handle as much as they dish out.

That’s why we’re listing the top 4 fake super powers that actually wreck your skin…and drive us crazy.

Here goes:

The Tanning Bed – No, they are not safer than the sun’s rays; nothing could be further from the truth. With concentrated bursts of ultraviolet A and B, both of which cause skin to age, your risk of melanoma skin cancer triples! The obvious solution is to AVOID THEM!

Smoking – This addiction literally sucks the oxygen right out of your blood. Smoking does what the sun does, but from the inside out! It also yellows your skin causing it to become weak, tired and listless looking. Please stop!

Scrubbing Your Skin – Yes, washing your skin is great; scrubbing it like a scouring pad isn’t! It’s very irritating to your skin and can actually worsen acne. Be gentle and get the same results without the irritation.

Using The Wrong Facial Cleanser – Washing your face with deodorant soap or body wash completely wrecks the pH balance of your skin. It can actually make you look older, and your skin dull and lifeless. Use a facial cleanser created for the unique needs of your skin!

So were you surprised by any of our revelations? If you’ve been giving your skin super powers, we beg you to cease and desist. Get help now!

And that’s what we do best. It’s never too late to have happy, younger skin.


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3 Simple Steps To Radiant Skin

3 Simple Steps To Radiant Skin

3 Simple Steps To Radiant Skin

It doesn’t take an enormous amount of time to have glowing skin. Here are a few easy steps you can take to help you achieve that.

Use The Right Skin Care Products. There are many different types of skin and knowing one from the other and what your skin type is, is the first step you need to take. By doing so, you’ll know exactly what products will work best with your skin. Choosing the wrong products for your skincare might even cause more damage. This is why a skin consult is so valuable.

Exfoliate And Mask. These are both terrific anti-aging steps! Exfoliation removes dirt and grime off your skin to keep you looking fresh and radiant. You can easily exfoliate in the shower and add masking once on the weekend. Done!

Wear sunscreen all year. Sunscreen is a MUST. To reduce existing sun damage and prevent further more against your skin, you have to wear sunscreen. Choose a high SPF, even if you aren’t going to be outdoors a lot or the day is overcast. There are moisturizers that already have a high quality SPF. We can help you choose one that’s perfect for your skin.

It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to get your skin glowing; it just takes good habits repeated again and again. If you stray, there’s no need to stress about it. Just get back on the right path tomorrow.

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