Are You Ready To Get The Red Out?

Are You Ready To Get The Red Out?

Are You Ready To Get The Red Out?

You know the symptoms:

– Enlarged visible blood vessels
– Visible broken capillaries
– Raised red bumps, or acne lesions
– Dry skin that itches and flakes
– Flushing

Rosacea, in all its aggravating forms, can cause a woman to feel unattractive and embarrassed by unexpected flare ups.

We’re glad to say you don’t have to put up with flushing, broken capillaries or enlarged blood vessels any more! Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, has changed all that.

An IPL beam hits the offending capillaries and blood vessels and shuts them down.

Kaput! No more permanently red skin. Ever. Plus, flushing is dramatically reduced. The results are truly remarkable!

Better yet, the IPL beam affects only the damaged vessels and does not injure surrounding healthy skin.

And the side benefits of this extraordinary treatment? Firmer skin, more even skin tone, brown spots fade, and sun damaged skin takes on a healthy glow.

It’s just that many more reasons to love the woman in the mirror. Ready?

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Why Is My Skin So Red? By Beauty Salon Colac – Call Us On 03 5232 2448

Why Is My Skin So Red? By Beauty Salon Colac – Call Us On 03 5232 2448

Who doesn’t like a rosy glow? But when that glow turns red and angry, it’s time to take a second look.
There are several causes—and solutions—to calm your skin, so let’s take a look at them:

• – Irritation- Skin that is extremely dry can become red and look like a rash! We’ve worked with women who had dry, irritated skin so long they didn’t realize it was severe. Once they started using our products, which properly hydrated and lubricated their skin, they could not believe how different and comfortable it felt. Not to mention that they lost about 5 years!

• – Rosacea- Scientists still aren’t sure what causes this mysterious condition, though theories abound. Usually, cheeks, chin and nose become bright red. When active, rosacea also has pimples. Certain foods can trigger a flare up. But again, it’s very individual. Topical medications help to tame the redness, as well as laser. Good quality skin care is a must.

• – Couperose- Those small, spidery veins that creep across your cheeks, chin and nose are called couperose. They are broken capillaries and blood vessels that have become weak and broken.

Couperose is often the result of heredity, but extremes in temperature and over-exfoliating are also causes. Laser can rid you of it, but there are also products designed to strengthen capillary walls and tame the redness.

A combination of clinical treatment and skincare is recommended. If you’re looking for suggestions to make your skin more comfortable and beautiful, just let us know.

That’s what we do best!

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Help For Acne & Rosacea By Beauty Salon Colac – Call Us On 03 5232 2448

Help For Acne & Rosacea By Beauty Salon Colac – Call Us On 03 5232 2448

If you have acne or rosacea, you already know you have skin that requires sensitive care.

Harsh cleansers, alkaline bar soaps and alcohol-based products can worsen both conditions.

When it comes to cleansing, it’s extremely important to keep it gentle. Scrubbing the skin actually worsens acne, increasing irritation. Use a cleanser that’s pH balanced.

For rosacea clients, moisturizers containing ceramides and lipids are usually well tolerated. For acne clients, it simply isn’t true that you don’t need a moisturizer. Your skin needs an oil-free product that adds moisture.

Thankfully, more and more products have ingredients that work with symptomatic skin. Salicylic acid reduces inflammation and helps exfoliate in and around pores.

Active skincare ingredients are more slowly released through microsponges improving skin tolerance. To camouflage redness and pimples, mineral-based cosmetics containing silica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are wonderful for creating a smooth, matte finish.

Avoid heavy, waterproof make-up. These require make-up remover at the end of the day, which can be irritating.

Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments that also help reduce acne and the symptoms of rosacea. The best results for treating both conditions is a combination of clinical treatment, dedication to good skin care and topical medications.

We’d love to be a partner in your skincare treatment. Together, you can achieve smoother, clearer skin! br>


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Instant Redness Reducers By Beauty Salon Colac – Call Us On 03 5232 2448

Instant Redness Reducers By Beauty Salon Colac – Call Us On 03 5232 2448

Redness to the skin comes in many forms. Rosacea, acne, flushing, redness resulting from sun damage or general irritation are just some of the challenges women face.

What can you do to reduce redness? Here are a few tips:

Facials & Skin Care: Excessively dry skin causes the endings in your dermis to become vulnerable to irritants, exacerbating the problem.

Get facials specifically designed to reduce redness. Choose moisturizers with phospholipids (we can help you there) and hyaluronic acid. Both are excellent for plumping up the skin and calming down redness.
Hyaluronic acid can hold up to one thousand times its weight in water. Just think of what it can do for your skin!

Cancel Redness With Color: Use a concealer that has a yellow or green tint to cancel out the redness. Make sure your foundation has a yellow base to help further even out your skin tone for a flawless look.

Add Redness Reducing Foods & Spices: Cucumber, ginger, licorice root extract, rose extract, turmeric and white tea extract are all excellent for fighting redness and bolstering the skin’s resistance to irritation.

Include whole foods, especially leafy green vegetables and fish. Sugar is especially bad for spiking inflammation. So cut it back then cut it out!

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Rosacea Skin Care Do’s And Don’t’s By Beauty Salon Colac – Call Us On 03 5232 2448

Rosacea Skin Care Do’s And Don’t’s By Beauty Salon Colac – Call Us On 03 5232 2448

Rosacea is such a frustrating disease. While there are common denominators, the symptoms can vary from person to person!

Initially, keeping a journal to chronicle food and drinks consumed help to identify triggers. We do know that spicy foods, caffeine and red wine tend to be common flare-up culprits.

Fortunately, skin care advances have now made this baffling disease less frustrating to manage. Clinical treatments can dramatically reduce the severity of rosacea. The results have been tremendous.

While the clinical results can make you forget you have rosacea, you must still be mindful of it!

– If at all possible, try not to get over-heated.

– Cover your face from the wind and the cold. Just make sure the fabric is not made of wool or any other scratchy material. It’s just too rough for your skin.

– Apply not only sunscreen but also an antioxidant serum for maximum protection from the sun’s rays!

– Keep hairspray from touching your face. It can aggravate rosacea.

– Keep your skincare routine simple. Too many products can irritate your skin. NO deodorant soaps on the face. Use only gentle professional skincare products.

– Avoid scrubbing, rubbing, or massaging your face.

Clinical treatments can give you beautiful skin with no telltale signs of rosacea.

The key is maintenance. Follow up with your dermatologist regularly and maintain monthly clinical treatments. Talk to us. We’re here to help!

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