How To Tame Acne And Love Your Skin

How To And Love Your Skin

How To And Love Your Skin

Do you take a deep breath before looking in the mirror in the mornings, wondering how many zits have invaded your skin? It’s infuriating, isn’t it?

And it makes you feel helpless, like somebody else has control of your skin.

If you’re constantly on high alert for acne breakouts we’ve got good news! Enter Name of Peels not only put you back in control, you’ll love looking in the mirror again.

Here’s what it does for you:

Gently exfoliates away oil filled skin cells
Deeply cleans clogged pores
Removes blackheads
Reduces acne scarring

In about a week or so, you’ll get several bonuses. First, your acne has cleared. Newer skin beneath the surface that has no blemishes has firmly taken up residence. What a relief!

And secondly, you have younger, radiant skin.

That’s the beauty of Enter Name of Peels. You can use it for treating acne or for anti-aging or both!

If you’re ready to see only your beautiful face in the mirror, it’s time to talk to us about Enter Name of Peels.

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Is There A Link Between Diet And Acne?

Is There A Link Between Diet And Acne?

Is There A Link Between Diet And Acne?

Acne is considered to be the disease of our Western culture. It is virtually non-existent in non-westernized societies where refined carbohydrates and sugar are rarely eaten. Findings from many studies make a strong case for the major role of environmental factors such as diet in creating acne.

How To Treat The Root Cause Of Your Acne

First of all, diet has EVERYTHING to do with your acne. Commonsense will tell you that if all you eat is junk food, then you’re going to have poor health. Garbage in, garbage out.

If you’re already predisposed to acne and eat a diet high in refined carbohydrates and sugar, then you will most likely have acne. Refined carbohydrates and sugar (think burgers, fries and a shake) causes a surge of insulin and insulin-like growth factor called IGF-1 in your body.

This surge can lead to an excessive male hormones, which causes your pores to secrete sebum (oil) that attracts acne-promoting bacteria. IGF-1 also causes skin cells known as keratinocytes to multiply. That, too, is a process associated with acne.

What Can You Do?

Sugar in all its many forms is the problem. Radically reducing ALL foods that cause your body to make insulin is the key. That also means grain carbohydrates because they are converted into sugar in your body.

Even if you are consuming healthy, high quality grains, you must remember, they are still a carbohydrate, converting to sugar and raising insulin levels in your body. The point is to replace carbohydrates with vegetable carbohydrates that metabolize more slowly.

Food culprits for growing acne are: bread, cereal, pasta, rice, potatoes and corn.

Other Factors To Consider When Treating Acne

If you’ve been treating your acne with conventional methods like antibiotics, it’s very important to take a probiotic supplement. Antibiotics are well known for killing off ALL bacteria in the gut, and that’s not good. Re-establish a balance by taking a high quality probiotic.

Optimize vitamin D levels. This may come as a surprise but vitamin D is critical to establishing a healthy immune system. And a healthy immune system means virtually controlling any type of infection.

Getting enough sun to turn your skin a very light pink will produce as much as 20,000 IU’s of vitamin D, more than that causes damage to your skin and does NOT produce any more vitamin D.

Professional skin care products and facials designed to assist with the treatment of acne are a must.

There is no comparison between a drug store brand of skin care and the line carried by your esthetician. These products have more active ingredients than drug store brands or multi-level marketing brands, ie, Mary Kay, BeautiControl, Avon. That means results are quicker and longer lasting.

Pair your skin care with facials designed to clear acne. Or rotate facials with lactic acid soft peels. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Reducing carbohydrates, sugar, refined foods and stepping up the quality of your skin care will lead to clear, beautiful skin.

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Acne And Menopause

Acne And Menopause

Acne And Menopause

During menopause, you go through night sweats, fatigue, hot flashes and weight gain. And unfortunately, acne comes with menopause too.

Oddly, menopausal outbreaks stem from the same root cause as your adolescent acne. It’s all about changes in hormone levels. Menopausal acne shows up near the chin, jaw, mouth, chest and back.

Just like in your adolescent years, your sebaceous glands go into over drive, and produce excess sebum that can block pores. Because skin cells don’t turn over as quickly, the result is blocked pores which causes blackheads and pustules.

Fortunately, this condition is temporary. But what must you do while your menopausal symptoms run its course?

One, get your hormones checked. Bio-identical hormone therapy is an excellent way to balance hormones without the worry of traditional hormone replacement therapy.

Two, re-evaluate your skincare regimen. As you get older, your skin changes. That means your skincare needs to change, too. We can help you there. Talk to us about chemical peels and facials.

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Help For Acne & Rosacea By Beauty Salon Colac – Call Us On 03 5232 2448

Help For Acne & Rosacea By Beauty Salon Colac – Call Us On 03 5232 2448

If you have acne or rosacea, you already know you have skin that requires sensitive care.

Harsh cleansers, alkaline bar soaps and alcohol-based products can worsen both conditions.

When it comes to cleansing, it’s extremely important to keep it gentle. Scrubbing the skin actually worsens acne, increasing irritation. Use a cleanser that’s pH balanced.

For rosacea clients, moisturizers containing ceramides and lipids are usually well tolerated. For acne clients, it simply isn’t true that you don’t need a moisturizer. Your skin needs an oil-free product that adds moisture.

Thankfully, more and more products have ingredients that work with symptomatic skin. Salicylic acid reduces inflammation and helps exfoliate in and around pores.

Active skincare ingredients are more slowly released through microsponges improving skin tolerance. To camouflage redness and pimples, mineral-based cosmetics containing silica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are wonderful for creating a smooth, matte finish.

Avoid heavy, waterproof make-up. These require make-up remover at the end of the day, which can be irritating.

Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments that also help reduce acne and the symptoms of rosacea. The best results for treating both conditions is a combination of clinical treatment, dedication to good skin care and topical medications.

We’d love to be a partner in your skincare treatment. Together, you can achieve smoother, clearer skin! br>


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The Secret Hiding Places Of Acne By Beauty Salon Colac – Call Us On 03 5232 2448

The Secret Hiding Places Of Acne By Beauty Salon Colac - Call Us On 03 5232 2448

The Secret Hiding Places Of Acne
By Beauty Salon Colac
Call Us On 03 5232 2448

The Secret Hiding Places Of Acne By Beauty Salon Colac – Call Us On 03 5232 2448

Acne-prone skin has four to five times more skin cells than other skin types. That means you have to be diligent with your skincare, but you also have to be watchful with hair and make-up products, too.

Any hair styling product that has oil, silicones and plasticizers will clog your pores if they get on your skin. So try to steer clear of these products.

Lifestyle habits can be a definite hiding place for acne. Think about it. When was the last time you cleaned those make-up brushes, huh? These tools are crawling with bacteria and dead skin cells, and they are just waiting to create a zit factory on your face!

And smoking? Get this. Researchers at the Gallicano Dermatological Institute in Rome identified non-inflammatory acne to be common among frequent smokers. They also found that teenaged acne smokers were four to five times more likely than non-smokers to have adult acne.

To beat acne you must be informed about the disease and how to conquer it. We encourage you to get chemical peels. Peels are an excellent way to pare down those extra skin cells, reduce oil and give you smoother, younger skin. What a great combination!


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