Oxygen and Our Skin

Oxygen is our very own fountain of youth. It is vital for cell renewal, fighting off damaging free radicals and carrying away toxins.

Without oxygen, you lose vitamin C, which keeps skin soft and glowing. Skin starts to thin, collagen and elastin are damaged.

This creates premature sagging and wrinkles. Vertical lines form around the mouth and healing is much slower. Aging is quicker.

This is why smoking not only causes damage to your respiratory system, it also brings great harm to your skin.

It can take up to 10 years for the damage to appear so you may not see the signs of aging yet. But do what you must to quit this dreadful life threatening habit.

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Are You Ready To Get The Red Out?

Are You Ready To Get The Red Out?

Are You Ready To Get The Red Out?

You know the symptoms:

– Enlarged visible blood vessels
– Visible broken capillaries
– Raised red bumps, or acne lesions
– Dry skin that itches and flakes
– Flushing

Rosacea, in all its aggravating forms, can cause a woman to feel unattractive and embarrassed by unexpected flare ups.

We’re glad to say you don’t have to put up with flushing, broken capillaries or enlarged blood vessels any more! Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, has changed all that.

An IPL beam hits the offending capillaries and blood vessels and shuts them down.

Kaput! No more permanently red skin. Ever. Plus, flushing is dramatically reduced. The results are truly remarkable!

Better yet, the IPL beam affects only the damaged vessels and does not injure surrounding healthy skin.

And the side benefits of this extraordinary treatment? Firmer skin, more even skin tone, brown spots fade, and sun damaged skin takes on a healthy glow.

It’s just that many more reasons to love the woman in the mirror. Ready?

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How To Tame Acne And Love Your Skin

How To And Love Your Skin

How To And Love Your Skin

Do you take a deep breath before looking in the mirror in the mornings, wondering how many zits have invaded your skin? It’s infuriating, isn’t it?

And it makes you feel helpless, like somebody else has control of your skin.

If you’re constantly on high alert for acne breakouts we’ve got good news! Enter Name of Peels not only put you back in control, you’ll love looking in the mirror again.

Here’s what it does for you:

Gently exfoliates away oil filled skin cells
Deeply cleans clogged pores
Removes blackheads
Reduces acne scarring

In about a week or so, you’ll get several bonuses. First, your acne has cleared. Newer skin beneath the surface that has no blemishes has firmly taken up residence. What a relief!

And secondly, you have younger, radiant skin.

That’s the beauty of Enter Name of Peels. You can use it for treating acne or for anti-aging or both!

If you’re ready to see only your beautiful face in the mirror, it’s time to talk to us about Enter Name of Peels.

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The Solution To Oily Skin

It’s the end of the day. You look in the mirror and you see a shiny face staring back at you. Your T-zone is so oily that you pull out your compact to quickly powder your face.

A lot of women suffer from the same recurrence day after day.

We hear you! You want relief and you want it yesterday. By now you know the oily skin basics.

• Use skin care products designed for your oily skin

• Don’t over dry your skin. You’ll just create more oil

• Make sure everything you use is oil-free

But when these steps aren’t enough, it’s time to add more punch to your skin care.

Add a water-based serum that also contains hyaluronic acid, or HA, a naturally occurring substance in your body. HA attracts 1000% more water than its weight. That’s good news for your oily skin because water is what it’s missing. Continued use of HA reduces oil.

Exfoliate. Nothing good happens when pores are clogged. Your skin feels dry and rough, which makes your oil glands work even harder to try and lubricate your skin.

That’s why exfoliation is so important. At home, choose a clay mask to stimulate circulation and draw out impurities. You can also use an enzyme mask with papaya, bromelain, or pumpkin. All are excellent exfoliants.

Professional Fruit Acid Peel. An alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acid treatment will clear clogged pores, minimize size and allow much better penetration of your skin care products.

Are you sensing a theme here? Exfoliation is the key to unclogging your pores, refining your skin, and allowing products to work more efficiently.

The next time you look in the mirror, the results will be reflected beautifully on your face!

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Can’t Afford $9,500 For Weight Loss? We’ve Got A Better Solution!

Can’t Afford $9,500 For Weight Loss? We’ve Got A Better Solution!

Can’t Afford $9,500 For Weight Loss? We’ve Got A Better Solution!

You’ve made significant changes to your eating habits. Check.

You’ve upped your exercise game. Check.

Love handles, saddlebags, belly (insert your problem area here) still hanging around. Check.

Frustrating, isn’t it? For all your hard work, heredity is still refusing to give it up! Those troubling areas and more:

  • Upper arms
  • Inner knees
  • Man boobs
  • Thighs
  • Belly

Need a swift kick in the pants!

Traditional liposuction is an option, but it’s invasive surgery, which includes down time. And have you checked the cost of liposuction? It can cost up to $9,500! That kind of money buys you time off from work and an empty bank account.

You’ll have to recover from both!

With ultrasound liposuction, there is no anesthesia, no hospital stay, no time off from work, and no heavy price tag. After your first session, you can lose up to a dress size.


Ultrasound liposuction breaks up fat cells and turns them into liquid. Your body metabolizes most of that liquid; what it doesn’t use is simply excreted.

The second part of your weight loss session gives you the Holy Grail of anti-aging. Instead of just losing weight and letting the extra skin hang there, we use tri-polar radio frequencies to firm and tone it.

You get both weight loss and anti-aging in one session. There is no pain, only gain. You won’t get that with traditional liposuction.

Affordable and easy. Ready?

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Skin Care Excuse Hall Of Fame

Excuse #4: “I’ve Tried Absolutely Everything And Nothing Seems To Work”

Excuse #4: “I’ve Tried Absolutely Everything And Nothing Seems To Work”

Excuse #4: “I’ve Tried Absolutely Everything And Nothing Seems To Work”

This excuse is an interesting one for several reasons. Trying “everything” is a huge task and quite expensive!

There is so much on the market these days it’s difficult to try them all, but we get the point. You’re frustrated and tired of trying skin care products that don’t work, right?

So stop the madness!

Instead of going *to home parties and letting your hostess decide what’s best for you skin, get a professional skin analysis with a trained aesthetician. We’ve spent hours learning about how skin functions. We even had to pass a state exam to practice our passion!

Hostesses for home parties don’t have that kind of training.

Forget cheap drugstore brands of skin care. These are loaded with filters that greatly reduce the minimal effectiveness of the brand. With this line of skin care you PAY for it.

Skin care from Adore Skin & Body Therapy is an INVESTMENT. Why? Because it’s loaded with quality ingredients that are very active. Drugstore brands? Not so much.

There are no junk fillers, just pure, top-of-the-line ingredients that enhance your natural beauty. And just as important, our professional products last and last.

So take action. This time make it the right action, though. Get a skin analysis with us. Save money, look younger, and feel more comfortable in your skin.

We guarantee it!

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Can Your Emotions Affect Your Skin?

Can Your Emotions Affect Your Skin?

Can Your Emotions Affect Your Skin?

Your emotions play a large role in how you look and how others perceive you. But of all the emotions that can shred away your youth, the number one spot goes to stress.

Stress stimulates the hormone cortisol. When you’re stressed it taxes every organ in your body. It makes you eat different, making you crave junk food like chocolates and potato chips all the time. Other effects of stress are:

  • Blood vessels become more fragile
  • Skin cells don’t form as quickly
  • Cell turnover eventually slows to half!

Anger can also affect how quickly your skin rejuvenates and heals. That pesky hormone, cortisol, taking center stage once more. It also limits the production of collagen which is the great fighter against aging.

However, we can’t stop how we feel. So when life gets the best of you, take some time for yourself. Get a facial, a massage, do whatever it is that calms and soothes you. It will subtract years from your face and add years to your life!

That old saying that laughter is the best medicine is true!

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4 Key Questions To Ask Before Getting A Brazilian Wax

4 Key Questions To Ask Before Getting A Brazilian Wax

4 Key Questions To Ask Before Getting A Brazilian Wax

Mythology abounds on how scary it is to get a Brazilian. The topic even makes for some good raunchy comedy.

So, if you’re one of those women that just hates hair “down there,” you owe it to yourself to get accurate information before you schedule your appointment.

That’s where we come in.

Here’s our list of recommendations for a smooth, beautiful Brazilian.

Don’t be shy about asking for the technician’s qualifications. Where did she get her training. How long has she been doing Brazilians? Does she have any testimonials?

Ask about the type of wax used. You want a hard wax. This is best for Brazilians. Make sure the wax adheres only to the hair, not to the skin. Otherwise, your pain factor will be greatly magnified.

Ask about hygienic practices. What is used to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, and the like? How do they ensure your health safety and that of the technician? Is everything disposable?

Ask about topical pain relief. Do they have a topical to apply to reduce pain? Do they have recommendations for reducing pain before you get to your appointment?

Any reputable spa will welcome these questions and encourage more. We sure do!

We love to show, with enormous pride, our technique for Brazilian waxing, our hygiene practices, our experience, and the top-of-the-line wax we use to ensure a great experience for you!

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4 Reasons To Eat Dark Chocolate On Valentine’s Day

4 Reasons To Eat Dark Chocolate On Valentine’s Day

4 Reasons To Eat Dark Chocolate On Valentine’s Day

What would Valentine’s Day be without chocolate? This year, forget about the guilt!

Dark chocolate has been proven to have extraordinary health benefits.

Just look at them:

  1. Good for your heart
  2. Good for your brain
  3. Helps control blood sugar
  4. Full of antioxidants
  5. Lowers risk of getting cavities
  6. High in vitamins and minerals

Just remember, though, everything in moderation, including chocolate!

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How To Eliminate Large Pores

Large pores are tough to eliminate.

You have to be careful in choosing what products or treatments to get so as not to make matters worse. So let’s start with the basics.

Pick the right cleanser. Large pores are often the result of oily skin, sun damage and genetics. Opt for an exfoliant cleanser to wash away the outer layer of dead skin cells, leaving you with smoother skin.

Use Retinoids. These are not only excellent for reducing the appearance of large pores, but they also smooth fine lines and wrinkles!

Get the right moisturizer. Oily skin needs moisturizing too! Balance your skin with an oil-free moisturizer to increase hydration in the skin.

And finally, talk to us about our highly effective treatments that diminish the appearance of large pores, increase collagen production and give you a reason to smile every time you look in the mirror.

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