Sun, fun, and getting tipsy are all part of the holiday season. That also means it places additional stress on your skin.

Dehydration, dead skin build up and breakouts can be particularly troublesome causing your skin to lose its glow, and dare we say, add a few lines and wrinkles?

Well, we can’t let such a busy time of year do that! First, we recommend that you take time to breathe! Stress can cause you to breathe very shallow, and that means dull skin.

Next, get a series of facials that infuse oxygen into your skin. This little miracle worker works wonders!

Oxygen fights those nasty free radicals that sun exposure, stress, and aging produce. It also plumps up your skin so that it looks and feels smoother.

Oxygen facials also infuse your skin with vitamins and minerals, which help to protect and actually improve the look of your skin.

While on the beach or by the pool, enjoy it with antioxidant, sunscreen protection, and a hat please.

Then schedule regular oxygen facials to counteract the sun’s aging effects. (There’s absolutely no reason to look like a prune face!)

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