5 Surprising Work Benefits Of Massage Therapy (That We Bet You Didn’t Know)

5 Surprising Work Benefits Of Massage Therapy
(That We Bet You Didn’t Know)

Believe it or not, researchers estimate that 80% of disease is caused by stress. The very word itself suggests it, DIS-EASE, not at ease with the world. And you’re not alone.

The stress of work and every day living can trigger many health problems such as high blood pressure, migraines, back problems, poor circulation, susceptibility to illness, and many others.

Millions of people develop illnesses or chronic health conditions because of stress. How often have you said to yourself, “I wish I could handle this better!”

The good news is you can! To counteract stress, you must have a self-care plan in place. And while diet and exercise are critical to balancing the impact of stress, they are not always the most welcomed part of a self-care plan.

Massage, on the other hand, is the one lifestyle “correction” measure that people love. You show up with all your knots and tight muscles, and we work our magic.

But how does massage, typically called a “feel good” or “pampering” therapy help you to manage everyday stress?

Massage has been clinically proven to:

• Strengthen your immune system
• Reduce blood pressure
• Increase circulation
• Increases oxygen
• Break the cycle of pain
• Increase flexibility
• Decrease stress hormones

Because massage removes toxins and inflammation from your body, it gives your body a chance to slow down and heal. That loosey-goosey sensation you have after a massage is actually working on a deeper level to break old stress and pain cycles.

For you, that means:

1. Greater mental clarity and alertness
2. Speedier recovery from fatigue
3. Aching backs and migraines significantly diminish
4. Much less susceptible to disease
5. Significantly reducing stress

Tip the scales in your favor…and keep it that way! Include massage as part of your self-care plan.

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