“Why Can’t I Lose This Stubborn Fat?”

“Why Can’t I Lose This Stubborn Fat?”

More and more people are getting the health wake-up call: Change what you eat, exercise more, and lose weight.

But what happens when you do all of that and you still have:

  • love handles
  • man boobs
  • a belly
  • saddlebags

And what about other tough areas such as your buttocks, inner knees and upper arms…sometimes that fat just refuses to heed the call to action!

It’s frustrating, we know, but you don’t have to live with it. Adore Skin & Body Therapy has a non-invasive, fat-reducing treatment that causes you to lose inches/CM on your very first visit, which is the equivalent of a dress size!

No, we’re not kidding. It’s called Ultrasound Fat Cavitation.

There’s no down time and no discomfort, either.

So how does it work? This instant slimming treatment is performed with ultrasound, and the technique is called cavitation, which is based on low frequency sound.

The ultrasound hand piece glides across the area to be treated creating bubbles and vibrations in those unwanted fat cells. In turn, the fat cells break up because they can’t withstand the vibration.

Nasty fat cells turn to liquid, and that liquid is released into the fluid between cells where it’s metabolized by the circulatory system and used as energy. (We’re glad they’re good for something!)

What your body doesn’t use is simply excreted. That’s why it’s very important to be well hydrated before your treatment.

But there are other benefits as well. Ultrasound Fat Cavitation tightens your skin, improves skin texture, reduces cellulite and improves your body shape.

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