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One factor that makes your skin look dry and dull is the sun. It can really deplete your skin of vitamins, minerals, water and oxygen.

There are several damaging effects when your skin can’t get enough oxygen.

  • Your pores enlarge so they can breathe. But this also allows dirt and other elements to go into your skin.
  • Your skin breaks out to flush out these toxins.
  • Collagen and elastin break down which in turn causes lines and wrinkles to form.
  • Broken capillaries or what is often called “spider-veins” occur. They are not dangerous but are very unsightly.

As we get older, the ability to absorb oxygen lessens. Skin dehydration occurs, causing your skin to get rougher, flakier and more wrinkles.

One way to solve skin dehydration is by getting a Hydra Facial. This treatment infuses your skin with oxygen, vitamins, minerals and water.

Unlike other “advanced” treatments, a Hydra Facial does not hurt and it does not have any side effects.

With your Hydra Facial, you can enjoy a youthful, glowing, beautiful skin every day.

The One Treatment For Beautiful Skin – Call Us On 03 5232 2448