Why There’s No Need For A Stiff Upper Lip! By Beauty Salon Colac – Call Us On 03 5232 2448

We know you’ve seen it, even joked about it. Women that have a stiff upper lip or a duck lip; they can’t really suck on a straw. Why? Too much Botox!

If you want to have a smoother upper lip, you really don’t have to give up using a straw for your iced tea, or pretend to be in a pout to keep your lips even.

Micro-needling is a safe, natural alternative to expensive short-term fixes like Botox. It’s also just as effective as expensive invasive procedures like laser. Yet, it’s far more skin friendly and effective.

Recovery time is much quicker and there are no hefty costs. Micro-needling has no injections, toxins, or melting of your skin to get the results you want!

For about the cost of getting your lip injected with Botox, you can have your whole face micro-needled. Talk to us about this wonderful, long-lasting treatment today!

Why There’s No Need For A Stiff Upper Lip! – Call Us On 03 5232 2448