Can Pregnant Women Safely Have Massage? By Beauty Salon Colac – Call Us On 03 5232 2448

When you’re pregnant, Mother Nature puts you in protection mode right away. Mothers to be are very careful about what they eat and drink, modifying their lifestyle to give their growing baby every chance for a healthy life.

As certified massage pregnancy therapists, we, too, honor that protection mode. That’s why we encourage you to include pregnancy massage as part of your pre-natal care.

For us, working with pregnant women is such a passion that we sought advanced training beyond the national massage certification.

We honor motherhood. That’s why we’re so passionate about pregnancy massage! But science also backs us up. Studies show that:

  •  Those pesky, rollercoaster hormones mellow out with regular massage
  •  Dopamine and serotonin, both associated with depression, increase, resulting in more stable mood
  •  Pregnancy massage eases the load on your heart and helps to keep your blood pressure in check
  •  It relieves swelling, sciatic pain, increases muscle tone and flexibility
  •  Increases oxygen in the blood delivering more nutrients to mother and child

As part of your pre-natal care, the evidence points to gentle, non-invasive pregnancy massage as strongly benefitting both mother and baby.

Most pregnancy massage therapists recommend massage for your second and third trimesters. Talk to your doctor. We’re ready to help make your pregnancy as smooth and easy as possible!

Can Pregnant Women Safely Have Massage? – Call Us On 03 5232 2448