How Micro-Needling Works For 12 Months

Don’t you love it when you know you’re getting extraordinary value for your money? That’s why it’s such a pleasure to perform micro-needling on our clients!

It doesn’t carry the hefty price tag of laser or the expense of short-acting Botox. But for us, the biggest thrill of this safe, natural alternative to traditional anti-aging treatments is how long it works.

Not just for a week or a month but for a whole bloomin’ year!

Micro-needling creates microscopic trauma below the surface of the skin, where channels are formed. Skin cells rush in to repair the damage, creating new collagen and elastin.

Over the next few months, the collagen shortens and your skin begins to tighten. After a year, a thick layer of collagen and elastin form creating more elasticity.

– Lines and wrinkles soften
– Hard or raised scars soften and flatten
– Acne pits fill in and become less depressed
– Hypo-pigmented areas regain coloring

But you don’t have to wait a year to see results. Literally, with each passing day, your skin gets younger and younger. When was the last time you had an anti-aging treatment that worked this hard for you?