Why We Chose The Alternative To The “Gold” Standard

Why We Chose The Alternative To The “Gold” Standard

Why We Chose The Alternative To The “Gold” Standard

It’s true, we did.

For many years, laser treatments have been considered the gold standard in anti-aging treatments. But to our way of thinking, not everything that glitters is indeed gold.

To be clear, laser does what it says it will do. It will tighten, firm and smooth your skin for a much younger look. Our big concern was how this treatment got those results.

An aggressive approach to anti-aging, laser:

– Uses high power density and focused energy—wounding your skin by melting it to create more collagen.
– Takes days to weeks to recover
– Causes trauma and pain

Well, that didn’t sound much like a gold standard to us! Does it to you? That’s why we opted for the acclaimed and well-documented approach to anti-aging: LED Light Therapy.

Here’s why:

– Uses low intensity lights to reach deeper layers of your skin
– Practically no recovery time
– Uses the body’s own natural processes for skin rejuvenation

Doesn’t it just make more sense to work with your body, instead of forcing it, wounding it into a smoother, younger version of itself?

LED encourages renewal by gently lifting, tightening, and rejuvenating your skin. Just take a look at the results our clients are having.

With no down time. No pain. LOTS of gain!

Ask us about this Nobel prize winning approach to health, and now, a revolutionary approach to younger skin.